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Opinion Against Proposition 400

Many of us purchased our land and built our homes, and lives, in residentially-zoned neighborhoods with residential property buffers from nearby commercial lands, fully understanding that the neighborhood property was not commercial property. We chose to live in these neighborhoods based on the official Cave Creek General Plan Land Use Map zoning.

The Cave Creek Town Council and Town Managers, by changing the General Plan as it has done for a single applicant, Walmart, has done substantial damage to our lifestyle and our neighborhood. Should the unsound financial and management decisions of the Cave Creek officials require the personal sacrifice of your home and lifestyle in your residential neighborhood?

How much 24 hours/7 days a week commercial traffic, noise, light and vehicle pollution, and increased crime to the area is justified by allowing neighborhood residential land to be “Amended” for commercial use by this applicant?

Without the benefits of an independent traffic study, an environmental impact study, and comprehensive site plan analysis, along with input from the immediately adjacent property owners, this general plan amendment and up zoning is unconscionable.

Cave Creek annexed approximately 240-acres of land to be used solely for upcoming commercial development. This land further west on the Carefree Highway was designed with an appropriate buffer zone to the adjoining residential properties. The Walmart site is approximately 600 feet south of the Carefree Highway and only 160 feet north of houses, with no appropriate usage buffer between them. This in itself shows poor land use planning and is contrary to the accepted zoning applications.

A NO vote on Proposition 400 will mandate the Town Council’s compliance with the General Plan process on this and other zoning matters.


Dean Phillips
Chairman, P.R.I.Z.E.
Protect Residential Integrity, Zoning and Environment

Against Proposition 401

Anything for a buck. The Council’s action for this commercial rezoning of our residential neighborhood is the first of many steps cited in the Town’s white paper to change our Town, our Town core, abandon our existing general plan and abandon our current businesses, horsemen and horsewomen, and artists. Other White Paper steps include fast tracking rezoning and development and marginalizing citizen oversight. These are desperate reactions to try to increase revenue by desperate leaders and managers who have mismanaged our Town’s resources and assets.

The best indicator of the future is to look at the recent past. A quick look back is evidence of our Town’s mismanagement. And, there is no sign that future management is or will be any better regardless of the promise of future revenue sources or strategies.

This attempt to bring commercial rezoning, big boxes, fast track processes, and development to our residential neighborhoods are the first steps in a strategy to rewrite the values of our community. By their actions, current leaders and managers have no intention of keeping Cave Creek a place which values a western horse culture, western life style, dark skies, western businesses and artists.

Cave Creek’s values should not be Cheap Imports, but a strong community that unifies itself to preserve our natural beauty of our neighborhoods, horse culture, trail system, dark skies, existing western businesses, and artist community. We do not have to accept anything for a buck. Vote no.

John Meeth

No on Proposition 400

The Truth About Walmart and Taxes: Based on Walmart’s own financial filings, the average Walmart store would produce approximately $1.5 million in sales tax revenue per year for the Town. This breaks-down to about $300 per resident and is half of the figure dishonestly claimed by Mayor Francia and other supporters of Walmart.

Moreover, it will take several years before the Town benefits from the tax revenue produced by Walmart. The Town will have to pay millions of dollars to improve roads, bring in sewer and provide water. Town Council could have approved the rezoning subject to Walmart paying for these infrastructure improvements, but failed to do so. Now the expenses will add to the financial strain of the Town and ultimately be placed squarely on the backs of Town residents. This failure is much like those of the Water Company and waste water treatment facility for which residents are already paying dearly.

It is time Cave Creek demanded real solutions from its elected officials for the Town’s current financial crisis. A Walmart on rural residential land as a bail-out is not one of them.

I respectively request you vote no on this proposition and not allow the change in land use for the Walmart property.

Christopher Aepli