Walmart Traffic Study

The only way that a Cave Creek Walmart isn’t going to affect you is if you move out of Cave Creek.

One million additional cars a year will pass through the Cave Creek Road/Carefree Highway and Carefree Highway/56th Street intersections if Walmart is built. An additional one million cars at these intersections will adversely affect your commute to anywhere out of Cave Creek, making Cave Creek a less desirable place to live to any Valley commuters who may have once considered buying your house. A less desirable place to live equates to an erosion of the equity and destiny protections inherent in your residential private property rights.

As presented at the public hearings, access into Walmart will be as follows: northbound traffic on Cave Creek Road can access at Olesen. (There will be no access to 56th St from Olesen.) Northbound and southbound traffic on Cave Creek Road can access via a stoplight and turn lane which will be positioned somewhere north of Olesen and south of Carefree Highway. (NOTE: Unless Walmart intends to purchase the Bullington property and create a 33-acre Walmart, the traffic light for the N/S traffic on Cave Creek Road must be south of the Bullington property. This, however, will make the two entrances on Cave Creek Road approximately 35 car lengths apart.) The access into Walmart for east-west traffic will be at 56th Street off of Carefree Highway, with the Walmart entrance just north of Olesen. In addition to shopper traffic, all Walmart delivery trucks will access the loading and unloading docks via Carefree Highway and 56th Street.

A point of information with respect to 56th Street: The east side lane is owned by the city of Scottsdale. The west side lane is owned by the Town of Cave Creek. Cave Creek has no authority to require the citizens of Scottsdale to pay for and widen Scottsdale’s side of 56th Street. The Town Council has said that Cave Creek has no money for widening its side of 56th Street, however, the roadway design policy adopted by the Town Council, Resolution No. R2007-01, does not allow widening of 56th Street. The policy states: “3) Policy: Limit all roads besides Cave Creek Road, Carefree Highway, and major collectors, to two lanes maximum, with a standard design providing shoulders instead of curb and gutter.”

The Town Council knew full well that 56th Street could not be widened to accommodate the additional one million Walmart cars and the Walmart delivery truck traffic when it approved the rezoning application. It appears that the Council intentionally did not address this traffic issue.

Once Walmart was approved by the Town Council, the Town lost all legal authority to impose restrictions or to require Walmart to pay for any street improvements that only Walmart traffic will require. If the November 3rd referendum fails and Walmart is built, road improvement costs will become a multi-million dollar expense that citizens will have to pay for…unless you believe Walmart will willingly pay for these road improvements.

With all things in perspective, can Creekers afford the cost of having a Walmart?