A Newsworthy Cause


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The proposed Cave Creek Walmart on residential property is an important decision for Creekers. This issue is bigger than just one family or one dirt road lined with homes. This is about Cave Creek’s future and appropriate planning to manage expansion that is in line with Cave Creek resident’s desired lifestyle. Once this Walmart is built, there will be no turning back.

Many people are speaking out, on both sides of the issue, and much has been published from reporters, national followers and concerned citizens. The intent of P.R.I.Z.E. is to show you the facts, not just tell you, so that you may make an informed decision on November 3rd. This section contains recent opinions and reports that support the positon of P.R.I.Z.E. We’ve read plenty in our local Town paper and heard much from the pro-Walmart supporters and with their bottomless bank account, we are certain to continue to be bombarded with their views–truth or not. But there is an opposing side that is armed not so much with a bottomless bank account, but extensive evidence contradicting most of what has been published or spoken–we are armed with the truth.

We are comprised solely of community members who are concerned not just for ourselves, but for everyone. We are taking on an important cause in the face of adversity, but Cave Creek is absolutely worth the fight. There are few places left like Cave Creek and we’d like to protect it, just as our early community members did before us. The views on the following pages are from people who want to protect Cave Creek too.

We will continue to update this section as new information is available.