The Heart Of The Matter

The underlying issues in Cave Creek are far more complex than simply rezoning residential land to accommodate a Cave Creek Walmart. While the rezoning is our main focus, the actions and decisions of the Town’s officials are troubling and warrant everyone’s attention. The problems are significant and much more serious than what could possibly be remedied by Walmart sales tax revenues. We are being sidetracked by the Walmart issue and in the meanwhile, the Town is moving us in a direction that many Creekers may find at odds with the reasons they’ve chosen to live here. More alarming, is that the Town’s financial stability and viability are at risk.

Much of the pro-Walmart campaign from Town officials is based not only on misinformation and scare tactics, but complete untruths. The citizens have a right to know the actual facts and deserve answers, the truth, from their elected officials regarding the state of the Town. We deserve an explanation as to how we even got to this point in the first place: residential rezoning, General Plan changes, possible property taxes (which requires a public vote), changes to the Town core and exorbitant water and sewer costs. If you look beyond rezoning and Walmart sales tax revenue, what really needs to be addressed is the lack of responsibility from the Town officials–both financially and to the community as a whole. If you read through the documented evidence outlined in this section, The Heart Of The Matter, it is clear that what is going on behind the scenes is in opposition to what the Town’s officials have been telling its citizens.

If you don’t wish to believe us, then please find out for yourselves. Read the Cave Creek White Paper in its entirety–all 53 pages. Attend the Council meetings. Review the minutes from past Council meetings. Send letters or call the Town’s officials and ask questions. Ask about the Town’s financial documents. Research information online. Do whatever it takes to learn the truth. The character of Cave Creek and its future is clearly in jeopardy.

The citizens who make up P.R.I.Z.E. are dedicated to bringing you answers–the truth. Our group is available, as a resource to you, so if you have questions or concerns, please doesn’t hesitate to contact us.


Vote “No” on Cave Creek Propositions 400 and 401.