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Cave Creek Resident Questions Mayor

Foothills Focus – Sept. 16, 2009

Dear Mayor Francia:

“A property tax has been suggested in order to resolve the town’s financial obligations. The only property tax that I as your mayor have or ever would support, is the one that saved Spur Cross (to be retired in 2012). Beware of activists proposing property tax. It’s a sign they’ve given up on the creative power of their God given intelligence to find better solutions.”

Mayor Vincent Francia, Cave Creek
Sonoran News, Letter to the Editor, September 09

For you to make the above statements, that concerned citizens or activists are responsible for proposing a property tax and to beware of them, is absolutely incorrect. This recommendation and conclusion was reached by the authors of Cave Creek’s “White Paper,” as stated on page 5 of the document.

The “White Paper” was written by the very committee you hurriedly formed on Jan. 7, 2009 to deal with the problems created by non-existent Town financial management. On page 5 we were given two simple choices by your committee: 1) Increase the source of sales tax revenue outside the Town Core or 2) Institute a property tax, or both.


On Jan. 7, 2009, Mayor Vince Francia held a meeting with 12 residents of Cave Creek, Arizona. Mayor Francia asked the group of residents for their ideas on how each would approach the current financial condition of the Town. He then asked if the group would be willing to review the current financial condition of the Town, make recommendations that could rectify or ameliorate its short term needs as well as create a new economic model for the development and growth of the Town.

“Today, the Town stands at a fiscal crossroad and its choices are simple: increase the sources of sales tax revenue well beyond the development limitation of the Town Core or institute a property tax (or both).” (White Paper, Page 5) The time to act is now!

It is the creator of the “White Paper” and its authors who have “given up on the creative power of their God given intelligence to find better solutions.” Your use of Cave Creek’s “Official Newspaper” to spread lies and fabrications was an excellent choice for your inaccurate comments.

Other White Paper recommendations, which fatally wound the land use and approval process, are as follows:

  • Change the definition of Major and Minor General Plan Amendment to “greater than 25 acres” and “25 acres or less” respectively.
  • Eliminate Final Plat review by the Planning Commission.
  • Final Plat approvals and Site Plan reviews on Town Council Consent Agenda.

There are many concerned citizens who participate in the democratic process and actually read and discuss the decisions documented in white papers, meeting agendas and Council and P&Z minutes. I expected honesty from you. This is a sad time for our beloved Cave Creek.

Forever a Concerned Citizen,

Herb Natker
Cave Creek