About P.R.I.Z.E.

P.R.I.Z.E. is composed of and supported by concerned citizens who do not wish to see commercial or big box retailers destroy home values, neighborhoods or the vision and character of Cave Creek. Volunteer Cave Creek residents were solely responsible for collecting the more than 260 signatures for the referendum–only 126 were required. Because of this effort, on November 3rd all Cave Creek voters, not just Town officials, will have the opportunity to choose what they think is best for our neighbors and the future of Cave Creek.

If there is one thing that can be said about Americans, is that they will unite and offer help when fellow citizens are in need, be it next door, across town or across the country and world. We have learned from history that even a few voices can be heard loud and clear and have an impact that reverberates well beyond their front doors. Significant achievements have many times started with just one, single person who stood up, had a voice and stopped at nothing to do what was right–even if it meant going against the majority. With that one voice of courage, supporters quickly follow behind and extraordinary things can be accomplished. People have taken on tough challenges in the face of adversity time and again to protect our rights and the citizens who are involved with P.R.I.Z.E. are no different. The challenges are many, but the cause is worthy as the consequences of doing nothing are great. By protecting our residential private property rights, we protect not only our neighbor’s home values and quality of life, but we protect ourselves as well.

Some may say that the homes on Olesen Road should be sacrificed for Walmart revenue. P.R.I.Z.E. believes these select few homes should not bare the brunt of our financial crisis. Large-lot residential zoning and tourism in our downtown core have sustained and defined Cave Creek over the years as an eclectic and unique western community. There is much more at stake than Walmart sales tax revenue. By allowing rezoning of residential properties in inappropriate locations, we are endangering not only what we are, but who we are as a community and what our future will be.

We simply ask that Walmart adhere to the wishes of many citizens by not locating on residentially-zoned property that is not well-suited for such a store and that would adversely affect its neighbors. Cave Creek has purposefully designated 120 of our 240 acres as General Commercial zoning specifically for big box stores such as a Walmart 24-Hour Supercenter.

Protecting our neighbors now will protect the future of Cave Creek. We are all in this together.


Vote “No” on Cave Creek Propositions 400 and 401.